Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i'm really depressed about the new waunomin saensaengnim (foreign English teacher) at the middle school that is attached to my high school. I liked being the only foreigner here. I'm especially perturbed the way they are treating me in relation to him. They got him an apartment RIGHT NEXT TO ME in the same building. Then they sent a copy of my receipt from E-mart to the store and had them pick out an exact copy of everything I got for my apartment. They all expect me to be best friends with him because he's American. I had to chaparone him all night last night and whenever I wasnt making conversation with him his co-teacher looked at me with a disapproving stare. He is a nice guy but seems kind of boring. He was pretty shy and pretty overweight, so I'm not sure how well he will fit in with the koreans. I'm not sure if I should be happy about that or sad. Anyhow, he's a Chinese-American (i was misinformed earlier) so at least i'm the only handsome American.

I found a really funny video that the teachers at my school made last year. It's a parody of the music video of Nobody by Wonder Girls (my favorite k-pop song). Since it was made last year, none of the new teachers this year are in it... but alot of the other teachers are.

You can see it if you go to www.gimcheon.hs.kr. Then on the bottom there are 4 pictures in a row; you should click on the MORE button just above them and to the right. Then scroll down to the 2nd video on the last row. It starts off slow but picks up.

After the song starts around 1:35 there is a scene with 4 guys dancing. The 2nd teacher from the left is Huwon Park, a 3rd grade (12th grade) English teacher. At 2:20 it switches to three women dancing. On the left is Kyongsuk Jo, a 2nd grade English teacher. In the middle is the nurse and on the right is Minchae Jaung, the Korean teacher who sometimes will teach me Korean while I teach her English in private lessons. Around 3:01 is the chemistry teacher Mrs. Jin. All the students love her because they say even though she is really old she looks really young. At 3:09 the man kneeling behind the chair is the vice principal. At 3:15, the woman on the left is Ms. Jo the music teacher. The students really like her because she plays the piano well and gives them candy. I know most of the men too... but its hard to remember their names because there are 40-some male teachers and less than 10 female teachers.


  1. Expectation can be difficult. New guy can't help the situation either and if shy will need some help/guidance. Keep telling him and most importantly others what a good job he's doing.

  2. The paths are not the same

  3. make sure you are using Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. Then when you look at the page with all the videos, find the one that was added on 2009-02-28. They are sorted by the date they were added... but there are alot of new ones so it might be on the third page.