Friday, March 27, 2009


I was talking to the nursing students from Andong yesterday. They really wanted me to come up this weekend but I'm going to Seoul. I'm going to meet a few friends from orientation in Seoul. It should be lots of fun and I can do Andong another weekend. My friend Katie said I can stay with her anytime I want to go to Andong. ^^

The secretary at our school and Huiyen helped me download a ringtone for my phone today. I went to the bank with Sujin to try to get a check card but there are apparantly 2 banks named Nonghyup so I have to go to the other one sometime.

I went to a funeral tonight. It was for the mother of one of the teachers at our school. Many of the teachers from the school went. You are supposed to bring money to help cover funeral and dinner costs. Then you pray for a few minutes and bow to the memorial of her and go eat and drink. It was held at the hospital. Then the teachers took me out drinking afterwards.

The middle school on the same campus as our high school is getting a native teacher on Monday. I guess everyone liked me so much that they decided to get one for the middle school too. But the schools really dont mingle at all except on rare occassions. They expect me to be best friends with the guy just cus we are both foriegners. AND FOR THE LAST TIME, I WILL NOT SHARE AN APARTMENT WITH HIM. YOU WERE TOO CHEAP TO GET ME ANYTHING MORE THAN ONE BEDROOM. Anyhow, he's korean-american I think so I will still be the only one with blonde hair and blue eyes at the school!

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