Sunday, April 5, 2009


On Friday the tennis club invited me to play with them after school, so I did. I was by far the worst one there. Really there was more eating and drinking of makeli (rice wine) than there was tennis though. Minchae came just to drink with us before she had to go back to the library to monitor the student's study time. After that, I met up with some of the new EPIK teachers in Gimcheon and Gumi. Some of them seem fun and chill, but I think they all had a rough first week because they don't know anyone here and don't know the good spots to hang out. As two of them fell asleep at the bar, we got pretty drunk finishing the last of the alcohol so we all slept on the floor at one of the girls' apartments who lived nearby.

I woke up at 8:30 saturday and had to go back home. I took a shower and got dressed nicely to get to school by 10. The students were doing elections, so each candidate got to speak and then have their supporters do performances. There was singing, rapping, skits, and choreographed dance (my favorite). After that, we did photos of all of the teachers at the school to use for the bulletin board and other promotional materials.

I stayed to hang out with some of the other teachers and then went to Daegu with Hyejin. She was going there to transfer on another train to her hometown and I was going to meet some friends for the weekend. Actually I mainly just wanted to meet Mona, as I hadn't seen her since orientation. So I met up with her and spent most of the day with her. She had alot of shopping to do and it was mostly fun just to follow her around and try the various street food we found. Actually we ate Japanese food for lunch and pizza for dinner... so no korean food. We ran into some people she knew from her town which is 3 hours away from Daegu. And we also ran into the people I had been hanging out with on Friday. I tried calling them after Mona left so that I could hang out with them, but only one of them has a phone so far and he went home before everyone else... so I had no way of meeting up with them. I did some shopping and sightseeing on my own, but my legs were really tired and the shops were all closing, so I took the 50 min train back to my town.

Today I've been taking it easy. While I was writing this, my landlady came in because they needed to fix something with my pipes. She also started a load of laundry for me and hung up my ties on a hangar, among other things. It was pretty funny.

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