Sunday, March 22, 2009

circus type thing

The weekend was amazing! On Friday night I took a bus to Andong to visit my friend Katie that I met at orientation the first week. It took almost 3 hours cus it stopped in every small town along the way so I got there at 9:30. Tiana and Jen were up from Gumi, and Alice joined up with us too (she also works in Andong). We had some good food and then went to the local bar. I struck up a conversation with the koreans next to us and they were really cool. The guys all worked in the police department (though with language barriers i wasnt exactly sure what a couple of them did within the department) and the two girls were both nurses. Two of them are actually engaged to each other and they invited me to their wedding a month from now!

Sadly they left around 12 or 1am, but then I got to meet the girls sitting on the other side of us. All six of them are students at Andong University in their 3rd year of studying to be a nurse. They taught me a cool drinking game and I got a couple of the Americans I was with to join us. Sadly they left around 2am cus some of them had to work at 7:30 in the morning, but we traded phone #'s so I can hang out with them next time I am in Andong. After that we went and did some karaoke until 4am and then I slept on Katie's floor. For some reason her floor was more comfortable than my bed (which, like all korean beds, is as hard as a rock). We got woken up early from a phone call and then chilled for a couple hours before I had to leave.

Saturday around noon I went to Youngju to visit another friend from orientation, Mark. His family picked me up at the train station. His wife lived in New Zealand for 10 years and spoke almost perfect English and their son was playful. I got to have some home-cooked meals and Mark took me out on the town at night. We got to check out some of the local bars/poolhouses/stores/restaurants. We met up with a couple Korean friends of his and the four of us had a couple beers and were playing pocketball(pool) for a while. I helped him clean some virus off of his computer and then cleaned up some free space so it will run faster.

I got to sleep in til 9 on Sunday and then had a nice shower and breakfast before getting on the 10:30 train. I got back to Gimcheon at 12:30 and found a store that sold art supplies. I got a calligraphy set (2 brushes, ink stick, inkstone, ink basin, bottle of ink, bamboo brush case) for 8,800 Won (6 or 7 dollars). The ink alone would have been more expensive than that in the US. Then my friend Kristine cooked me and a few other American teachers a nice Thai and I got to see Nick and Tanji for an hour (they were visiting someone in town) before they had to catch the train back.

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