Tuesday, March 17, 2009


These last few days have been pretty rough because of the 황사 (hwangsa). Its dust in the air that blows over from China. There are alot of bad chemicals in the air that are not healthy to breathe, like silicon and aluminum. So alot of people have felt as if they are ill... but the koreans seem somewhat used to it. I am not used to it though, so the last couple of days have been pretty rough.

I am exchanging language lessons with another teacher at my school who teaches Korean. Monday was our first day of doing it after school and she taught me a few differences between Korean and English grammar and a couple sentences for small talk.

On Friday we had a school dinner for all of the 1st grade (10th grade) teachers. They were impressed that I was able to have more than a few drinks. I was impressed that they knew so many different drinks just to make out of Beer, Soju, and Sprite. After the restaurant we went to Noraebong (karaoke room). It was really fun to hang out with all of the other teachers on the school's dime.

This weekend I am going to Andong to visit my friend Katie on Friday (2 or 3 hours from here) and then I'm going to Youngju (40 minutes from Andong) on Saturday to visit my friend Mark and to meet his family. I'm looking forward to that because my first two weekends in Gimcheon I haven't left town at all. I'm planning on going to Seoul with some friends the week after which should be fantastic also.

I took my camera to school today to take a few pictures of it. You can see the hwangsa in the air in some of them.

This is the school monument. Its a ways inside the gate to our walled campus but it is before all of the buildings. In the back left is the Library building and the back right is the Cafeteria building.

This is the dirt field used for soccer/volleyball/basketball. Theres a baseball field and clay tennis courts in the way back.

On the left is the classroom building. All of the classrooms are in here. On the right is the teachers building. It has our communal offices and various other faculty rooms such as the Nurse's office.

The students were making fun of Hyejin saying she looked like a panda in this outfit. I was kind enough to take a picture.

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