Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Friday evening, the day before the concert. We were there until 11:30pm doing rehearsal and going over the plan for the big day. Mina took this picture of me when we first went in and saw the venue. You can see the stage in the background, still being constructed.

Some girls that worked for the Visit Korea organization (which is the organization that was sponsoring our dance stuff) wanted to take a picture with us. One of the guys working at the snack bar took it. Also, all of the snack bar girls and the corn dog guy decided they needed to get in on the picture to advertise their products. I'm not sure that was really necessary, since we are not famous and this snack bar is not open to the public anyhow! This was in the area only used by performers and concert staff.
Taking a break during the afternoon, a few hours before the performance.

This must have been during our stage rehearsal, because it seems lighter out and we are standing in a different order. I think I'm just off the camera to the left. I was originally on that side and was going to be dancing FRONT AND CENTER after we rotated between songs 2 and 3, but the event staff didn't think it looked right with me being the only guy in that row and being 8 inches taller than the people around me, so they moved me to the back. ㅠㅠ

Here is our big performance on stage. We are in the middle of our second dance, which translates as "Mirror, Mirror" and its kind of a sexy spin-off of the Snow White fairy tale. The lyrics for this part of the song, when translated to English go "Mirror, Mirror, who is the prettiest girl in the world?" (거울아 거울아, 서상에 누가 제일 예쁘니?). Looking at the picture it seems like nobody was screwing up too bad haha. I think it was pretty successful. But everyone was really tired from all the practice and sleep deprivation. After practice on Friday night nobody got home until after midnight and then we had to be back there at 8am, so i dont think anyone got more than 5 and a half hours of sleep.

We put in about 25 hours of work, and got paid a total of: the t-shirt and jeans that were our uniform, and some cheap promotional items such as a plastic luggage tag and some post it notes with the company name on them that totaled $3 at most. We didn't even get the tickets that they promised us (since we were the first act, we were told that they'd give us tickets so we can watch the rest of the concert).

Considering how it was a FREE VENUE I assumed that wouldn't be a problem... but apparently nobody reserved our seats for us and some other people sat in them. So they just said "sorry, somebody sat in your seats." So we were behind the stage in a skybox where we couldn't see anything at all for the first half of the concert. Then I managed to get my hands on a staff badge and me and some of the other dancers requisitioned some seats on the ground level. I heard there were about 70,000 people in attendance, and it airs on TV this Friday at 11pm.

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