Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 2 at the new job

In last weeks episode I was still waiting for my pay and on Thursday a cutie named Alisa was giving me kisses. She didn't come to school on Friday...

But today (Monday) is a brand new week. I didn't get a chance to play with my class today. But when Alisa saw me through the window, she started blowing me kisses! How charming!

So, even though work is pretty crazy busy, I was in a good mood all day. Things were going well until the last 10 minutes when Sunny, a 5th-grader, broke into tears at 5:50. I had punished her for 5 minutes earlier for speaking Korean in class. Then when she got a question wrong on the trivial pursuit game she broke into tears. I guess she really wanted to win. The other teachers say she is a crybaby and cries a lot, but I still felt bad for making her cry!

Today I got randomly invited to some birthday party (I didn't realize it was a birthday party, I thought it was just dinner) for an old Italian guy and his Korean wife. His son is one of my students and I just met the guy yesterday. It was good except there were only a few people my age there. Just got home and brought some leftovers to eat for breakfast tomorrow and got to meet a few more people in Ulsan, so I guess you could call it a good day.

Planning on going to dance classes this week and next week my friends Ji-hye and Jo are going to start doing korean-english language exchange with me, so I should be busy.

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