Monday, January 11, 2010


OK I know its not your fault Fitzgerald and ur an amazing player but...

Why did the referees not call pass interference penalties on you when you pushed Woodson over on TWO DIFFERENT PLAYS? Both plays resulted in a TD by you, as the CB defending you was sprawled out on the ground. Not only that, but they called a "roughing the passer" on one of those plays when the guy got blocked into Kurt Warner. If the lineman pushes you into the QB, its not a penalty, even if your hand touches the QB in the head briefly. How can you call that and furthermore miss penalty on Fitz? In the Ravens/Patriots game the referees didnt waste any time calling that same penalty when the defender was holding his ground and Randy Moss ran him over. This was exactly the same. I guess we got the wrong referees.


  1. Boo Hoo Packers. At least Favre is still playing to win!

  2. Matt,

    I agree with you on one of the TD passes. The one he caught while in the endzone probably should have been pass interference. The other one however was not. They're feet got tangled up and it was a clear case of incidental contact.

    Besides, this is the playoffs, the refs are ALWAYS a little more lax in the playoffs. They're supposed to let the players play. Don't be mad at Fitz, be mad at the entire Pack defense that couldn't stop ANYONE on the AZ offense.