Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm in Rural Korea. Ghetto, decrepid, decaying, rural Korea. Since all the young people leave town as soon as they can, it really doesnt seem like there is much to do. The area of town I'm in has a lot of areas that look like they are just fronts for illegal prostitution (I KNOW some of them are, because I asked the other teachers). It makes me nervous to go into bars/clubs/noraebong(karaoke)/salons/coffee shops for this reason. Alot of my fellow teachers are fine with it, though. I think that even though it is illegal, there is the sense that it isn't ethically wrong (like my view on speeding in the states).

Since my c0-teacher left town for the weekend, I hung out with two other EPIK teachers in the same town as me today, and I have been trying to keep in touch with my other friends from EPIK also. I made about 15-20 friends during the 8-day orientation that I am going to try to keep in touch with. I spoke to Katie today, and she also is in a small apartment and is working at a rundown school. It made us both feel alot better to know that we were facing the same hardships. Also, I was really glad that Kristine and James took me out on town for a few hours today, as I was in a pretty bad mood this morning.

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  1. Hang in there! Hopefully it will seem better once you get started at the school and get to know more people.