Monday, February 23, 2009

dynamic Korea

Everything is going great. On Sunday we went to a tourist spot called Korean Folk Village to learn about traditional Korean life and Korean history. I had some mystery "korean sausage soup" with little thingys inside that looked like pup-peronis. In hindsight I think they were animal intestines or something. During the day we have lots of lectures from Korean and foreign speakers. All of the Koreans giving lectures, running the program, or working on campus are friendly beyond all expectations and they are always smiling and having a good time.

Even though we are in a small town for orientation, the night life is really fun too. My favorite place thus far has been Club Sizi. There are tons of restaurant bars around too. They wont serve you alcohol unless you order food also. It's really easy to make friends with Korean people. At one restaurant we went to the guys and girls next to us gave us some pieces of cake and then were doing shots with us. Sometimes we run into people that want to talk to/high five/hug/take pictures with us just because we are foreign. My korean is good enough that I was able to order drinks off of the menu the other night ^^

Gotta go to Korean class, cya!

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