Sunday, April 25, 2010

winds of change

Lately, it seems like everything is changing so quickly. Even my daily life changes so drastically from week to week, day to day, especially since I moved to Seoul. I traveled to Singapore and Malaysia, started a part time job teaching one evening a week, broke up with 세정, and have been hanging out with my friends from around the world.

With 4 hours of class every day, studying, homework, I would be quite busy even if I didn't have a social life. But that would be neglecting to mention all of the new friends I've made. I have Korean friends that I do language exchange with 3 or 4 times a week (I teach them English, and they teach me Korean). And through the buddy system at school I have two Korean buddies that I will be meeting up with weekly starting this week. And for the last week or more, me and Junya have been hanging out every day. Also, I joined a club activity at school and am learning a little hip-hop dance. It's tough, but at least I'm not the worst one. Played ping-pong with some of my Chinese friends. I can learn alot by playing with them, as I still maintain that ping-pong is the national sport of China (If you're curious, the national sport of Korea has to be Starcraft).

Being single again is refreshing, but presents its own unique challenges. Another challenge I've undertaken is learning Chinese. I'm not very good yet. The pronunciation is surprisingly easy, but the writing is hard... I only remember about 20 words from university and learned a few more from Junya. She is a good teacher. I think at first its difficult because I have to remember phrases. In the future, it should become easier, as I will have some vocabulary to work with to form sentences.

I'm busy, but I'm with great friends and I'm happy. See you tomorrow, Junya ^^

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