Monday, November 2, 2009


Viruck, me, and Sandile. These are my closest guy friends from orientation.

SeokYoung and myself. When I showed the pictures to my class, the students all said "So beautiful! You make girlfriend, ok?"

Me, Kim, and Will. You can see my entire costume: wig, apple, t-shirt, arm tattooes, wristbands...

My beautiful friends -- Candice, SeulGi, YeoJu, and Kim!

Another successful party under my belt ! I love throwing parties in Korea. It's so much work to organize it and to convince everyone that it will be better than any other plans they have for the weekend, but it's always worth it! After going to 원북교 (Won Buddhist Temple) with 여주 (YeoJu) we went to 홍대 (HongDae) for our Halloween party! Alot of people got there before us. But we met up with Sandile and eventually found everyone. Since nobody lives in that area, it was quite a task. Let's just say morale was low once we all met up (about 20 people) and everyone wanted to do something different (eating food, go to a bar, go to somewhere with no cover, go to an RnB club, etc.) We bumped into YeoJu's friend, SeulGi, at the subway station in HongDae. We changed into our costumes in the bathroom: I was G-dragon (the leader of the boy band Big Bang), YeoJu was a traditional Chinese beauty and Seulgi was a sexy Phantom of the Opera. Next we met up with Sandile, who wasn't wearing anything that could be considered a costume, spare a set of devil's horns.

Everyone else was at one of two places. The vast majority of my friends were in a nearby bar, but SeokYoung was in a 노래방 (singing room) with her friends. Eventually we met the large group at a park and we went to search for a good place to get some alcohol. It was great to see everyone again. I hadn't seen Mando, a slutty 1950s housewife, and Jane, a sexy witch, in months. Kim was looking great in her Zorro costume and I met Young, a pirate in the loosest sense of the word, and Tristan, a better-dressed pirate, again for the first time since Mando's house party in April. There were a few new faces as well. Of course, Viruck and Candice were there too in their ridiculous disco vampire costumes. I met Will for the first time in his cat facepaint, and I feel he is worth mentioning because of all the people I met for the first time, he stayed with us the longest.

We made our way to BricX because there is no cover and I thought it would have alcohol and food to please most people. But nobody ordered food and it wasn't that great, so we left after 10 or 15 minutes and went to a club we passed on the way that had no cover charge for people in costumes (hey, thats us!). Once we got inside, we were a bit disappointed to see that our group of 20 people more than doubled the amount of people in the club (maybe 12 or 15 before we came). But because our group is so cool, we made it fun. SeokYoung came and met up with us there too. She was looking so lovely in her bunny costume (though she needed a tail!). We had some crazy dancing and took some photos. We all got to get some alcohol in us but we had to move on to bigger and better things before an hour had elapsed.

It was 1:00am. If there wasn't anyone in the club now, there would never be. So we went down the street to a place I had been to once before. I think technically i'd say its a bar, but they were playing loud music and felt like dancing. So our group was acting like it was a club haha. The cover was only $5 and it came with a free beer. Also, the mixed drinks were strong and cheap. Everyone really got into it. We were pretty wild. Everyone among us seemed to take off in small groups between 3:30am and 4:30am until it was only me, Kim, YeoJu, and Sandile. But for a while it seemed like just me and Kim, as YeoJu was searching for her phone (why does this always happen?) and Sandile was god knows where (maybe searching for women?). Kim and Sandile both took off at about 5am. After that, it was only me and Yeoju. Even most of the other people in the bar had left by then. So we went outside and I grabbed some cash at the 7 Eleven. We met some interesting people in the street who were curious about my costume. I have to admit the girl in the Storm costume had a really good wig and outfit. But the guy in his TaeKwonDo outfit was really lame haha. After getting some cash, we went to have one more drink at a nearby bar. I guess things ended exactly how they started, with just me and YeoJu in the subway station bathrooms changing our attire. We hopped on the subway after 6am and I got some sleep at 6:45am ^^

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