Thursday, August 6, 2009

the sound of lightning (part 3)

My co-teacher is explaining something in Korean on the first day of the week.

Picture with all of the students on Friday. On the back left side is Eun-Jeong. She is such a smart student. Sometimes she can speak English better than my Korean co-teacher. You may notice in the picture that there is a set of twins, a girl with an eyepatch, and a girl with a cast on her foot (maybe you cant see that part). Sye-Jin, Eun-su, and Eun-Jeong wanted to be near me in the picture ^^ and Gyeong-Mi also.

Sandwiched between my favorite 6th grade students !

It was halloween day in class. You might be seeing some of the props. The boy on the end always answered my questions in Korean, his way of revolting against English camp.

Me with a swarm of students. Twins on my left and right. They always look so apathatic. The shy girls are in the front.

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  1. I see you have my car written on the white board! 1998 Monte Carlo. Runs great.