Monday, May 11, 2009


Finally I have uploaded the video that Sujin and I made for our special presentation class to the man from the provincial office of education. check out the link below. The cute waitress is Hyejin, and the other actress is Sujin.

I had a great weekend visiting far-away friends... but I have to get ready for work and plan today's lesson. More to come later !


  1. That was classic. I'm not sure I get exactly what the point was. Were they teaching you how to act in Korea or were you just using examples of English and being funny?

  2. I taught them 7 cultural difference between dining in Korea and dining in America AND about 15 words or expressions such as "Split the bill" and "leave a tip"

  3. I thought this was great. All of the Korean actors were terrific. It could be a help to silly Americans visiting as well.